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What documents are required to be submitted for admission?
Meaning of Program and Course
Is the Online Program offered by JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) recognized?
Is the Degree acquired through online mode equivalent to on-campus mode of learning?
Is this an Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Program?
Who will award the Degree?
What is the medium of instruction?
When should Elective (Specialization) be indicated?
Can elective/program be changed after Program commencement?
What is the duration of the Program?
What is the maximum period for Program completion?
Does the Program follow Semester or Annual Scheme?
How many credits does the Program have?
How many learning hours are involved?
How many courses does the Program have?
In which semester elective courses commence?
How many elective courses will be there in a Program which has an elective option?
What is an Open Elective Course in PG Program?
What is a Cross Functional Elective Course in PG Program?
What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

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